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Gonna Be An Interesting November

Friday, August 29th, 2008


John McCain and Sarah Palin, a newbie governer from Alaska. That’s… that’s quite the Republican ticket. This election just keeps getting more and more interesting.

ETA: Here’s a short, somewhat humourous and nerdfighterish basic primer on Sarah Palin.

On a completey unrelated note, I want to know how David Tennant managed to retain his svelt figure while shooting Blackpool. How did he not gain fifty pounds playing marathon-snacker Peter Carlisle? He and my sister must share the same legendary metabolism.

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Evolution of Language

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

This is an interesting article about the artificial constraints we tend to put on what, exactly, constitutes a “real word”. I have often made a similar argument in dinner-table discussions when my father insists that some word I have said “isn’t a word”, and once went so far as to look up the word “word” in the massive dictionary my father keeps in his office. To qualify, it seems a word needs only three things: it must be composed of one or more syllables, be utterable by a human, and convey an idea or meaning. It does not, as it turns out, have to appear in a dictionary to count as a word.


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