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Canadian Leadership Debate

The Leadership Debate went pretty much like I anticipated it would: Jack Layton and Stephen Harper were by far the most eloquent and charismatic speakers at the table, Gilles Duceppe predictably focused on the unique and special snowflakeness of Quebec while ignoring the other 25 million people living in the rest of the country *shock!*, and Stephane Dion reinforced the fact that he is a complete and utter buffoon. Seriously, folks: Dion wants to fund the arts more because it will make Canada more fun? *headdesk* Those of you who are voting Liberal, please consider voting NDP instead, because Dion is just so not on.

Somewhat surprising was Elizabeth May bringing it for the Green Party. She carried herself well, delivered some good punches, and made some good points. Being included in the debate was a major coup for the Green Party, and May represented very well. In fact, I would say she showed better than either Duceppe or Dion (oh yeah, waaaaay better than Dion), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Green Party get a nice bump because of it. Way to build the cred, May!

The whole Real Questions From Real Canadians theme was useless, though, and most of the questions pretty lame. They were basically just topic-setting for the discussions, but the premiss grated and I would rather Paikin had been allowed to lead and question more than he did. I guess they just knew the poor guy would have his hands full shushing the four people who weren’t supposed to be talking. They should have given him a whistle to blow or something. *smirks*

I’m still on the fence, largely because when it comes to the economy I’m generally a Conservative at heart, but my pendulum is swinging between them and the NDP this year. I’m quite fond of having a minority government, actually, and while I don’t think the NDP have a real chance to win it, I don’t really want to give the Conservatives a majority, either. I don’t particularly feel that I’m being over-taxed, and the only reason I care that they lowered the GST from 7% to 5% is that it’s made it so much easier to calculate the 15% tip on my restaurant bill. (Yes, that’s right, I support tax cuts that make math easier. :P )

Lots to think about.

Someone tell me how the VP debate went! I heard Palin didn’t crash and burn as bad as she did with Katie Couric, which is just a crying shame because that would have been good television.

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