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Nights in Rodanthe: Some Quick Thoughts

Last night I went with Sister and my Mom to see Nights in Rodanthe. It was good in that predictable, formulated, romantic-drama kind of way.

Not particularly exceptional or particularly memorable, it suffered from sentimental story syndrome, glaringly artificial dialogue, and unimaginative editing that frequently drew out lineless scenes way beyond their artistic merit or usefulness. The plot, from it’s broadest structure to its smallest details, felt forced and contrived, and the characters were definitely flatter than they could be. Gere and Lane did their best with what they’d been given, but their talent wasn’t quite enough to make up for the poor writing, directing and editing of this flick.

I enjoyed it the same way shippers enjoy mediocre fanfiction about their pairing of choice; there was enough there to keep me interested and engaged until the end, but it lacked that certain professional polish and punch one expects of published works. Good enough, but not great.

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