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Speak. Loudly.

The National Organization for Marriage is not amused at the progress that has been made for gay and queer rights in the United States this week.

Always eloquent, bodlon responds in an open letter here that needs to be read by as many people as possible.

Equal rights are not something you can give out based on your own personal comfort bubble. You don’t get to pick and choose. Do not tout the ideals of personal rights and freedoms in the same breath you insist upon their restriction.

From ‘s post:

There is a storm coming, but it isn’t the storm that you think. It is people who are actually decent, freedom-loving (yes, I said that aloud and without irony), and engaged in civil discourse standing up against fabrications and rampant fear-mongering. It is resistance to the idea that your preference for a legal system that mirrors your personal religious beliefs matters more than someone else’s life.

Emphasis mine.

Do not allow what happened in California to happen again. Those rights that were legally given long after they should have been were revoked because they made people uncomfortable. There is nothing about that that isn’t wrong.

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