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Doctor Who, Planet of the Dead Recap

I have mixed feelings about Lady Christina. The two of them together was a little cliche, and the two of them together got a little Bossy McBossersons. And of course there was a kiss. I would have preferred he kissed Malcolm, all things considered. Malcolm looked like he really, really wanted to. *grins* Ah well. At least she’s not blond. I did approve of the Doctor not taking her up on a more formal companionship.

  • LOL at Christina and her shiny new broken getaway bus.
  • Awesome Quote: "The worse it gets the more I love it." YES, YES YOU DO. At least you can’t say he’s not self-aware.
  • Bonding over stolen stuff. I love that the Doctor stole the TARDIS. Sweet. I’d steal the TARDIS, too, if I knew where to find one. That must have been an awesome heist. You know the Master and Romana were part of that one. Quick. someone fic it!

I’m not sure how I feel about the preview of "The Waters of Mars". Water!People? Shooting water from their hands? Eh? I suppose hope RTD will find a way to make that scarier than it sounds.

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