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Sony CEO Says Nothing Good Ever Came From the Internet

That Sony CEO who was quoted not that long ago as saying that nothing good ever came from the internet? He’s attempting to defend himself and his statement.

I am not surprised, nor convinced, that his industry is in dire straights because more people are consuming his product. Leaving aside whether or not Hollywood is in dire straights at all (which I doubt), I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for an industry that profits enourmously off the backs of the creative minds it professes to be trying to protect. They are protecting their own profit margin, not the economic stability of the creative souls they control. Mike Masnick from TechDirt gives a line-by-line rebuttal here, with which I couldn’t agree more.

I doubt that creativity will die even if your company goes under, Mr. Lynton, and if your company and others like it do fall, it reflects on you and your co-CEOs’ poor abilty to adapt to a world that is changing with or without your whining. Culture and the arts are not dependant on your patronage, and the last ten years have show that creative people are far, far more adaptable than you. They will find a way to survive, and I will always support them. You, not so much.

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