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Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day One

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I really, genuinely enjoyed that. It was all kinds of creepy in little, wiggly ways. Even just the 4-5-6 name has this creepy feel to it. Well done, RTD.

Loved seeing more of Ianto working through the Ianto/Jack, and LOVED seeing Ianto interact with family. His relationship with Jack seems like something he’s comfortable with and yet not quite comfortable with, but not in a cliche soap-opera way. His sister was awesome.

As crack-tastic as it sounded in the spoilers, I actually completely bought Jack’s daughter, and the scene with him and her in the kitchen was surprisingly well-played by both actors, with great subtlety where it was called for. There are all these little things that Jack never gets to experience, and when Barrowman plays it right you really see that he feels it, too.

Gwen didn’t chafe me the way she usually does. At times Eve Myles was playing a bit too smug for my tastes, but she didn’t bother me the way she usually does, and the pregnancy scene felt real. And seeing her greet Owen and Tosh’s photo when she got to the Hub was really, really lovely. I also appreciated that, though she fought Jack when he insisted she leave the hub, once she considered the pregnancy thing she was out of there. I think Myles played that moment well; you could tell she didn’t want to leave, but she couldn’t think of just herself anymore. There are other characters that would have stayed, but Gwen isn’t one of them, and it was a nice little touch.

A little disappointed the nice looking doctor turned out to be disposable. Not sure what to think about first-day-on-the-job girl yet — so far, she’s feeling a bit less like an actual character and more like a plot device, but I suppose I’ll hold my opinion there until I see how it all pans out. Like seeing the non-elected non-army government at work here: the line about how the civil servants outlast the elected officials was right on, and the actor delivering it gave it some delicious subtext.

And Jack! GO BOOM?!?

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