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Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Two

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So. Naked Barrowman. Actual naked Barrowman. Sure, the camera was fuzzy and there were conveniently placed words, but was I the only one who think they caught a look at little Barrowman? Or am I just crazy?

Dude, this has got to be one of Jack’s worst days ever. His dead count so far:

  1. Shot, in the back.
  2. Shot, in the chest, not a second after coming back from the first one (so brutal).
  3. Blowed up. BOOM.
  4. Buried in concrete. The suck.
  5. Dropped from a significant height while still buried in concrete.

That government guy who’s in charge of building the thingy, he’s extra creepy. This crazy five-day aliens-possessing-our-children thing really seems to be his Christmas. WTF?

I really love Rhys. Gwen and Rhys in the potato truck was pretty awesome. The two of them frantically trying to find the car keys whilst the gun brigade was on their way to Gwen’s (ANDY YOU TRAITOR!) was win.

Ianto and his father! "He always pushed me too hard." Can I just say I heart a man with daddy issues? The problem with giving me Ianto and his family is that now all I want is more Ianto and his family. That storyline holds far more interest to me than Hello, My Girlfriend Is Half A Cyberman. I’m also enamoured with his sister and her husband and the way they pwned the government guys.

And the getaway with the tractor-forklift thing… HURRY! THEY’RE GETTING AWAY! AT, LIKE, 10 MILES AN HOUR! OH NOES WE’LL NEVER CATCH UP! (They’ve got a head start? GO AROUND THE FLAMING CAR YOU STUPID VILLANS! You could catch up to them on foot for heaven’s sake.)

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