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Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Four

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I thought the focus on the government response was really, really well done, and just as horrible as the 4-5-6 wanting them in the first place. The way the staff immediately started talking spin and using terms like "units" and "logistics" to de-humanize the concepts and make them more palatable to talk about, and served to make it all the more sickening to listen to from outside the decision. Brilliant and very real to have them start out noble and fair with their random draw business before cutting to the inevitable chase that involves snatching the "lesser" children. Beautifully executed, and I’m loving how the tension is being transferred from the aliens to the government, twisting the creepy in all sorts of new shapes.

I rather liked that they wrote a female official as the only one who would say what everyone in the room was thinking and press the point. I can’t say exactly why I feel that way, but I do. Who knows. It’s what I would have done if I’d been holding the pen.

Frobisher. Dude, I am entirely enjoying this character. He’s getting a lot of flack, and I see why, but I think the character is doing exactly what the writers and directors and the actor were trying to do with him, which is to put the civil servant everyman in an impossible position, the same way Jack was put in an impossible position forty years ago with the first twelve children. It’s easy to point fingers and be horrified, but seriously, what would you do if you were in his place? Some people might do what Lois did when she stood up and told everyone in that room where to shove it, but probably half would be Frobisher. The writers have taken great pains to remove Frobisher from most of the decision-making processes in order to buy him that same I-was-just-following-orders faux-innocence, and I’m really enjoying watching it play out. I think the actor is doing a fantastic job with this man. Yesterday, he was just another man performing a mundane job just like Lois was just another woman. This season is doing a really fantastic job of portraying ordinary people in exceptional circumstances and keeping the field balanced when it comes to which way they ultimately roll.

Gwen continues to kick some serious ass. I love her more with each passing day. Why couldn’t we have had this Gwen in the first two seasons, eh? WHY?

Poor Ianto. I am sad to see him go, but not nearly as gut-wrenched as some. Mostly because — let’s face it — it’s Torchwood, and he was never going to make it to the front porch of an old-folks home, and I felt he died in as happy a place as he was apt to. It appeared, at least, mostly painless. I wish Barrowman had played the scene a little differently than he did, but lo! I am not a director, and thus my preferences fall upon deaf ears. The way Gwen adjusts his tie at the end made me tear up a little, though. Like the way she touched the photo of Owen and Tosh.

The internets are seriously hating on the writers and Barrowman right now. OI! Fan entitlement doesn’t look good on any fandom. Opinions are fine and even encouraged, but let’s all remember that no one is beholden to anyone when it comes to the stories they tell. Like it or not, that’s cool, but there are real people behind those names and there are some folk that seriously need to Chill. The. Fuck. Out.

Last day tomorrow. Should be exciting!

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