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An Open Letter to Hollywood

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Warning: anything linked to below contains triggery/potential triggery content.

Dear Hollywood:

Roman Polanski raped a child. Then skipped the country to avoid the consequences.

He SHOULD go directly to jail for a very long time. I don’t fucking care if it happened 30 years ago. Justice does not have an expiration date. And it CERTAINLY does not have an expiration date because the guy won an Oscar. Or because he’s wealthy. Or because he has famous, wealthy friends like you. This shit is completely unacceptable and everyone on this list should be shamed.

Do you realize by supporting this campaign to free Polanski you’re saying his choice to rape a 13 year old girl is okay? Because he’s famous and a brilliant artist and old, raping a child shouldn’t matter? Really? Really?

No love, no respect, and deeply offended,


ETA: And also this link, because yes this is exactly what rape culture looks like.

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Stuff About TV & Miscellaneous

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Happy National Punctuation Day. Are you punctuating properly?

TV round-up: Spoilers for HIMYM, Criminal Minds, Bones, Glee, & Dollhouse

How I Met Your Mother: I’m so relieved the writers aren’t screwing up the Robin/Barney thing, because what a shame that would be. I like that their relationship is more about the moment they’re in than what the future might hold or whether they’re compatible long term. And you know what? Some relationships are like that and that’s okay. Not everything has to be about forever ’til death do us part. Not all relationships need borders and rules and labels and futures. At the end of the episode Lily’s smugly convinced she knows what’s what, and that moment bothered me even if it reads true to life; people uncomfortable with relationships that blur the line between friend and lover force labels on them so they fit neatly into a world view those people don’t necessarily share, and it’s extremely frustrating. I hope the writers resist the temptation to force Robin and Barney to be something they aren’t. Not every couple’s happy ending has wedding bells and babies.

Criminal Minds: OMG poor Hotch. The scene with Jack in the hospital room broke my heart. And also, how much are the writers teasing the Prentiss/Hotch shippers, eh? Other than that, my critique is mostly of the NEEDS MOAR GARCIA variety.

I really love all the women on Criminal Minds. AJ, who did not buckle to society’s expectations and quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom (and what a wonderful show it is that gives us a man who gets it and decides on his own to relocate and become a stay-at-home dad, eh?). Emily Prentiss, who is professional, competent, efficient, and can compartmentalize without becoming the cold, ice-queen cliche. And my dear, wonderful Penelope Garcia, who is who she is and makes no apologies for it, who is unabashedly awesome without having to be a gun-toting, ultra-skinny super-agent because there are so many other ways to be a hero and this show just gets that.

Bones: AHHHHH JUST KISS ALREADY. Sweets, I usually love you but SHUT. UP. Though I suppose the romantic tension between Booth and Brennan is a pretty integral part of why this show works, so I get the writers being hedgy about getting them together. Still. WHATEVER, SHOW. Also, the payoff for Booth’s coma was kind of lame. They couldn’t have given us one or two episodes of Brennan angst before his memories started to come back? I understand the show can’t go for very long with Booth not solving crime because it is, at it’s core, a Crime Of The Week show, but there could have been one episode dealing with Booth’s amnesia. Ball, you has dropped it.

Glee: Ugh, this whole pregnancy storyline is brutal. I’m sick of it already and it’s only episode four. I wants more dancing football players, more music, and more Emma. I do like that Will’s not catering to Rachel’s need to be the star of everything. But that part where she was like WAH WHY DON’T I HAVE THE SOLO AND THE BOYFRIEND AND THE RESPECT IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT made me want to throw something at my TV. It is sort of interesting that we have a protagonist who is at times genuinely unlikeable, and depending on what they do with her arc it could be brilliant or just awful.

My biggest problem with Glee at the moment is how little I care about the characters over all. I’m basically watching it for the musical numbers at this point, but if I continue to be uninspired to give a damn about the people then I might start catching the musical numbers via youtube. Show, I want to like you for more than the razzle-dazzle, but you’re making it very difficult. A few more flat episodes and I’m probably gonna tune you out.

Dollhouse: On tomorrow, so we’ll see. Some spoilers in this interview at Television Without Pity here. I’m especially keen to see Summer Glau play Topher’s mirror in another house. Also, because I love Alexis Denisof, hurray for Alexis Denisof! I’m stoked about the promise of more stories set in the Epitaph One future, too.

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Links to Gender Commentary Re: Semenya

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

I just wanted to throw these links out there because I think they’re worth reading.

The Unforgivable Transgression of Being Caster Semenya
Excerpt under the cut

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District 9

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I have finally seen District 9! I really enjoyed it, though it was not at all what I expected (and I can’t quite articulate what, exactly, it was that I expected, only that the movie I saw was not it).

It was a bit over-the-top gooey in places, which didn’t quite work for me in combination with the realism and documentary-style filming. Sharlto Copley’s Wikus van de Merwe character was a fascinating sort of everyman point-of-view character for me, and managed to be forgivable and unforgivable simultaneously. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending being so open; it felt a little like being cheated out of a payoff, especially considering they chose not to say whether the dénouement falls within or after the three year promise made by Christopher.

The last third of the movie was also a little too action-heavy for my tastes, given the nature of the previous two-thirds and the story-telling. The way Wikus was treated once the mutation started, though… *chills*. He very quickly ceased to be acknowledged as human at all for the people at MNU, starting with the imagery of him being sealed inside the black body bag for transport and continuing through the experiments and when the MNU higher-ups are discussing the financial merits of dissecting him right over top of him while he’s pleading for his life. Not a very inspirational commentary, that’s for sure.

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Caster Semanya & Information That Should Have Been Kept Private

Friday, September 11th, 2009

I just wanted to say how sad and disappointed I am that Semanya’s deeply personal medical information has become public news, quite possibly without her consent. WTF, news media? Is it really so important that the world know these personal details? Couldn’t it have been enough to report that Semanya will be keeping her medal? Some of the offensive and derogatory comments and assumptions that have be made by both reporters and people commenting on articles because of all this crosses all sorts of lines. This is private, personal medical information that should NOT have been released to the public at large by anyone except Semanya if she was comfortable and chose to release it. She identifies as female, and the investigation results show there was no conscious or drug-induced effort to hide knowledge or anything physical to the contrary. Can’t that be enough? Why should the public be entitled to know anything more than that? (And I’m not entirely sure even that much is our business, honestly.)

Also, from rm‘s post (scroll to the last bullet point):

I don’t know how Semenya self-identifies, and I’ve not got a vested interest in it. But until she tells us otherwise, she’s a she, and she’s fucking fast on the track and I fucking wish the media and everyone else would stop telling us what she thinks, what she feels, and who she is. Only Semenya can do that. But then again, we’ve never been very good at letting women speak for themselves, have we?

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