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An Open Letter to Hollywood

Warning: anything linked to below contains triggery/potential triggery content.

Dear Hollywood:

Roman Polanski raped a child. Then skipped the country to avoid the consequences.

He SHOULD go directly to jail for a very long time. I don’t fucking care if it happened 30 years ago. Justice does not have an expiration date. And it CERTAINLY does not have an expiration date because the guy won an Oscar. Or because he’s wealthy. Or because he has famous, wealthy friends like you. This shit is completely unacceptable and everyone on this list should be shamed.

Do you realize by supporting this campaign to free Polanski you’re saying his choice to rape a 13 year old girl is okay? Because he’s famous and a brilliant artist and old, raping a child shouldn’t matter? Really? Really?

No love, no respect, and deeply offended,


ETA: And also this link, because yes this is exactly what rape culture looks like.

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