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Maine Votes, Breaks LGBT Hearts

It’s happened again.

These days I am truly thankful to live in a place where the entire country has already long moved past the bulk of the controversy of same-sex marriage. It’s a done deal here, has been since 2005, and while various groups still occasionally flail against it, there has been only one real instance where any possibility of “repeal” existed, and in a free vote (for those not acquainted with Canadian Parliamentary politics, this means party loyalty is released and all MPs are permitted to vote along their own — and hypothetically their constituents — beliefs instead of “towing the party line”) the motion to re-open the issue was defeated in a Conservative government. Yes, even most of our Conservatives can’t stomach the idea of taking away rights granted, despite what their personal feelings may be about same-sex marriage, and I’d like to think the sentiment is echoed by Canadians in general.

I don’t understand the idea that rights given can be taken away by a popular vote. It just doesn’t compute. It didn’t make sense to me when it happened in California, and it doesn’t make sense to me now.

In the last two years the LGBT fight has become so much more real for me, and much more personal. Partly because last year I finally started to explore the greyscale of my own sexuality and partly because I have grown closer to the LGBT people who are my friends and my family, and they have graciously shared with me some of the most profound and personal stories of their life, both glorious and tragic, both related and completely unrelated to their sexuality.

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Also from rm, a link detailing an incredibly transphobic, sensationalistic article that appeared recently in Seventeen magazine, portraying transgender people as deceivers and liars.

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