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I mentioned at work the other day that I felt there was a major Sci-Fi TV show hole gap in my life, what with Battlestar Galactica being over and it being a very Who-light year, and someone told me I should check out Sanctuary.

I have, and it’s awesome in a cracky kinda way. It’s one of those shows that draws from myth and folklore and gives prominent historical figures super powers and has secret societies, and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. They don’t build most of the sets, but shoot a lot of green screen with CG rendered sets in the background, which is a little bit jarring but also gives it a unique look and feel that sometimes really works, considering the subject matter. The actor playing the lead male role throws me off because sometimes he looks and sounds like James Marsters and sometimes he looks and sounds like Tom Cruise, and it’s a strange mix of impressions. It also mixes up some gender roles which is interesting, putting female characters as aggressive and having them fill the roles of physical protectors and analytical scientific thinkers while the male lead is more intuitive, emotional, and plays less of a role in the Ass Kicking that happens in each episode. They manage to do it generally without making the males seem less masculine or the females less feminine, which definitely appeals to me.

Anyway. This show has exactly the kind of bait a show needs to lure in an unsuspecting Chelle. And lured in I have been.

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