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Beware the Sky Blankets and Other Ridiculous Things

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

On Christmas day, a man tried to explode the plane he was on using a bomb in his underwear. His actions were thwarted by a bomb that didn’t work properly and other passengers, but perhaps predictably (and disappointingly if you think like me) the TSA dumped a whole pile of arbitrary new flight dos and don’ts on the heads of travelers at this, the peak travel season. These rules included, among other things, a restriction on passenger movement during the last hour of travel over American airspace. For the last hour of travel, passengers are not permitted to use blankets, pillows, laptops, the in-flight televisions, or move about the cabin at all. The only thing passengers are permitted to do for the last hour of travel, it seems, is to sit perfectly upright in their seats with their hands on the arm rests.

I am not afraid of terrorists when I fly. Not even a little bit. Partly because the chances of being killed by a terrorist while in a plane is 1 in 10 million, but mostly because being afraid to fly — being afraid to carry on the every-day actions of my life — is how terrorists win, and I’m stubborn enough and proud enough and some might say stupid enough to defy those people who prey on my fear.

You know what I am afraid of, though? A country and a society that responds to 1 in 10 million odds with nonsensical security theatre that restricts my right to fucking pee. Every time we give up a right — even a tiny, seemingly insignificant one — the terrorists win. We beg not for real security, but for a pacifier of safety to suck on, and for it we’ll give up anything and that terrifies me. It terrifies me, and enrages me, and frankly it offends me.

And now? Two bloggers are being subpoenaed for posting the wackadoo new TSA protocols.

Anyway. Fuck you, TSA.

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Doctor Who End of Time Reaction Post!

Friday, December 25th, 2009

I have only fifteen minutes so this is going to probably be a whirlwind of bullet points based on notes I took while watching. I have very little thoughtful commentary at this point because I have to let the whole thing steep a bit.

  • Seriously, I ♥ Wilf. I did before he became an official companion and I will continue to. The dynamic of the Doctor and an older male companion is complete win.
  • I did not know whether to roll my eyes or lol heartily at the image of the TARDIS in the church stain glass window. It is possible I did both simultaneously. Also, LOL @ “the sainted physician”.
  • “The king is in his counting house…” Why/how do nursery rhymes always manage to give things +10 creepy points? Because they do.
  • Obviously the Secret Book of Saxon is a hilarious plot device and should be mocked at every opportunity.
  • I thought for a minute they were going to actually use Lucy’s body and morph him out of her, which would explain the blond hair. I’m pretty glad they went elsewhere, though Lifeforce Sucking Master is probably equally as ridiculous as LucyMaster. Lucy continues to be badass I guess, but I kinda miss her crazy. Her crazy was part of her win.
  • OMG DANCING WILF! AND HIS DOCTOR-FINDING ARMY! GO GO SILVER CLOAK! I love this show so, so much. “Modern sort of hair, all sticky upy.” I WILL MISS THAT HAIR SO  MUCH. D:
  • So we have a super-jumpy-lighting-spraying-skeletor-super Master. THIS SHOW, IT IS SO MUCH WONDERFUL CRACK.
  • The conversation in the cafe just… wow. I love this show. Did I say that already? I love it. “Even if I change it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away. And I’m dead.”  Also: “Like she’s so sad and can’t remember why.” DONNNNNNNA! Be your awesome badass self forever and ever. OMG DOCTOR TEARS! D: D: YES, YOU DO NEED DONNA YOU STUPID DOCTOR! GOOD OLD DONNA! LISTEN TO WILF YOU CRAZY STUPID TIME LORD!! I could probably provide you with a full transcript of the cafe scene, but that seems like overkill. Suffice it to say I will be watching that bit several times more.
  • This narrator is driving me a bit batshit, and while I was watching it I correctly predicted what was up there.
  • “I had estates.”  With red pastures.  and   are you both listening and taking notes on this because this is like a gift from the crack gods. “We used to run across those fields all day”. Oh RTD, you ship Doctor/Master SO HARD and you don’t even try to hide it. :D
  • “I thought it’d be cleaner.” LOL. Have I mentioned how much I ♥ Wilf yet? I think I have. I should say it again. I ♥ Wilf.
  • Intrigued and overly helpful Master is probably not a good sign, people. DON’T YOU KNOW THIS?
  • What is the point of the cactus aliens other than an excuse to have the Doctor use the word “shimmer” as many times as possible in one minute? I believe that might have been the only point.
  • OMG THE DOCTOR CALLED THE MASTER SKELETOR! MY LIFE IT IS COMPLETE. It’s like a Christmas present from RTD just for me.
  • The not!Obama cameo was kind of strange.
  • A planet of Masters. Many of them wearing dresses. Oh. My. God. The entire planet is laughing. The other planets are like WHUT IS SO FUNNY SHUT UP EARTH.
  • Aaaaaand no one is surprised to see the Time Lords and Gallifrey will be back/are back. This is my not-shocked face. I’m actually kind of okay with it, mostly because I think there’s only so much I AM THE LAST angst one show can do before it’s all old hat, and I don’t think Moffatt will do it as well as RTD. But I guess we’ll see how it goes.

That was a lot of caps.

In general, I think there was probably too much going on, but I don’t have time to talk more about that because Christmas Continues and I have dinner to eat and family to hang with, so I must leave you with just lots of all caps and leave thoughtfulness for later.

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Dexter S04E12

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Many major spoilers for the end of Dexter Season 4 (the one with the Trinity Killer) below.

Given this show has a twisty history unlike most others, I’m laying bets there’s a good chance it wasn’t Trinity who killed Rita. If it was, fine, but I’ll probably be a little disappointed, since typically nothing on this show is what it seems. I won’t be surprised if next year sometime we find out it was someone else, and they staged it to look like Trinity.

Rita was definitely stuffed in a fridge, and while I’ve never been really wild about Rita, her being fridged is a pretty good illustration of why I feel "meh" about her: the character has always been about the writers needing to put Dexter somewhere or make Dexter do something or complicate Dexter’s life. Rita’s pretty much always been a backboard to bounce Dexter off of and never a real character in her own right. I was honestly not at all surprised. As much as I like this show and as much as I like some of the female characters — especially Deb — the writing of Rita has always been full of fail.

I do wonder what kind of aftermath we’ll see, because ,while that’s not typically how fridging goes, the aftermath and Dexter dealing with suddenly being a single father of three might be the point in this particular case. And how is Dexter’s going to explain all this at work, because he has to report it and, whether Trinity killed her or not, it looks like he did; everyone’s going to be asking why, especially ’cause she doesn’t fit the pattern. Also, at some point won’t the Miller family talk about that Kyle Butler fellow that kept showing up and seemed to know something was up with Arthur? Talk yourself out of THAT one, Dexter Morgan. I double-dog dare you.

I hope the writers are setting up Deb to figure Dexter out next season, because I think that would be an interesting story to tell, and ’cause Deb is awesomecakes and I want lots more of her. Also it seems like they’re setting up the dominos in just that way, what with Deb figuring out about Dexter’s mom and all that.

Anyway. Good season finale. Looking forward to next year. I am already grumbly about having to wait so long.

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Dollhouse and Merlin and Dexter, Oh My!

Monday, December 7th, 2009

So I’ve caught up on a bunch of TV I didn’t have time to watch over the weekend. Some open letters with varying degrees of spoilers, in no particular order:

Dear Dollhouse:

Why are you getting canceled just as you’re really starting to get that special kind of good? You can’t just give me Epitaph One Topher and Adelle, then Topher and Doctor Saunders, and a Sierra episode that did everything wrong right, and Alexis Denisof being so fantastic, then Topher and Bennett, Ballard finally fucking learning something and letting Madeline choose and fall, and Victor!Topher, and the crown jewel of Actual Topher and Victor!Topher scheming in synchronized geekery, and then tell me this show is cancelled? For serious?

This show was pretty mediocre at the start of the first season. And no matter how many tiny ways Eliza Dushku occasionally sucks me in (and she did a few times in this two-parter for sure, especially as we start to understand that sweet Caroline may not be so sweet after all) it’s always going to be the characters on her peripherals that make this show win. But somewhere four or five episodes from the end of season one, this show hit its stride and aside from a bump or two it hasn’t really looked back. I love the way it plays with identities, the way it asks questions about technology and what makes us human and who we are once our minds are no longer our own. Bodies are hardware and minds are software and the Topher-tinkerers sit in little rooms and write stories with pictures of brains in computers and empty dolls in glowing chairs. I have never seen a show with so much relevant commentary on science and morality and spirituality, and so, so many shades of gray. I can hardly keep up with them all and I love it.

At least we’ll get some of the loose ends tied up. Or at least hopefully understand the direction they were pointing.

So sad there’s only a few more,


Dear Merlin:

Can we at least attempt to keep Arthur’s character somewhat even from episode to episode? Please? Pretty please? Yes, we’ve established the guy’s an arrogant prick sometimes and an honourable softie some other times, but instead of schizophrenic extremes of his personality, could we find a nice middle ground? I much prefer seeing both sides of his character play against each other like in the episode where he stayed at Gwen’s to this weekly ping-ponging.

Begging for the tiniest bit of consistency,


Dear Dexter:

It is unfair that I have to wait almost an entire week for your season finale. You are such a tease.



PS: I love Deb. Even more than Dexter now. Because she is just awesome. There, I admitted it.

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