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Dollhouse and Merlin and Dexter, Oh My!

So I’ve caught up on a bunch of TV I didn’t have time to watch over the weekend. Some open letters with varying degrees of spoilers, in no particular order:

Dear Dollhouse:

Why are you getting canceled just as you’re really starting to get that special kind of good? You can’t just give me Epitaph One Topher and Adelle, then Topher and Doctor Saunders, and a Sierra episode that did everything wrong right, and Alexis Denisof being so fantastic, then Topher and Bennett, Ballard finally fucking learning something and letting Madeline choose and fall, and Victor!Topher, and the crown jewel of Actual Topher and Victor!Topher scheming in synchronized geekery, and then tell me this show is cancelled? For serious?

This show was pretty mediocre at the start of the first season. And no matter how many tiny ways Eliza Dushku occasionally sucks me in (and she did a few times in this two-parter for sure, especially as we start to understand that sweet Caroline may not be so sweet after all) it’s always going to be the characters on her peripherals that make this show win. But somewhere four or five episodes from the end of season one, this show hit its stride and aside from a bump or two it hasn’t really looked back. I love the way it plays with identities, the way it asks questions about technology and what makes us human and who we are once our minds are no longer our own. Bodies are hardware and minds are software and the Topher-tinkerers sit in little rooms and write stories with pictures of brains in computers and empty dolls in glowing chairs. I have never seen a show with so much relevant commentary on science and morality and spirituality, and so, so many shades of gray. I can hardly keep up with them all and I love it.

At least we’ll get some of the loose ends tied up. Or at least hopefully understand the direction they were pointing.

So sad there’s only a few more,


Dear Merlin:

Can we at least attempt to keep Arthur’s character somewhat even from episode to episode? Please? Pretty please? Yes, we’ve established the guy’s an arrogant prick sometimes and an honourable softie some other times, but instead of schizophrenic extremes of his personality, could we find a nice middle ground? I much prefer seeing both sides of his character play against each other like in the episode where he stayed at Gwen’s to this weekly ping-ponging.

Begging for the tiniest bit of consistency,


Dear Dexter:

It is unfair that I have to wait almost an entire week for your season finale. You are such a tease.



PS: I love Deb. Even more than Dexter now. Because she is just awesome. There, I admitted it.

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