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Dexter S04E12

Many major spoilers for the end of Dexter Season 4 (the one with the Trinity Killer) below.

Given this show has a twisty history unlike most others, I’m laying bets there’s a good chance it wasn’t Trinity who killed Rita. If it was, fine, but I’ll probably be a little disappointed, since typically nothing on this show is what it seems. I won’t be surprised if next year sometime we find out it was someone else, and they staged it to look like Trinity.

Rita was definitely stuffed in a fridge, and while I’ve never been really wild about Rita, her being fridged is a pretty good illustration of why I feel "meh" about her: the character has always been about the writers needing to put Dexter somewhere or make Dexter do something or complicate Dexter’s life. Rita’s pretty much always been a backboard to bounce Dexter off of and never a real character in her own right. I was honestly not at all surprised. As much as I like this show and as much as I like some of the female characters — especially Deb — the writing of Rita has always been full of fail.

I do wonder what kind of aftermath we’ll see, because ,while that’s not typically how fridging goes, the aftermath and Dexter dealing with suddenly being a single father of three might be the point in this particular case. And how is Dexter’s going to explain all this at work, because he has to report it and, whether Trinity killed her or not, it looks like he did; everyone’s going to be asking why, especially ’cause she doesn’t fit the pattern. Also, at some point won’t the Miller family talk about that Kyle Butler fellow that kept showing up and seemed to know something was up with Arthur? Talk yourself out of THAT one, Dexter Morgan. I double-dog dare you.

I hope the writers are setting up Deb to figure Dexter out next season, because I think that would be an interesting story to tell, and ’cause Deb is awesomecakes and I want lots more of her. Also it seems like they’re setting up the dominos in just that way, what with Deb figuring out about Dexter’s mom and all that.

Anyway. Good season finale. Looking forward to next year. I am already grumbly about having to wait so long.

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