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Doctor Who, End of Time, Part Two

I have just finished watching David Tennant’s very last Doctor Who episode. Spoilers for both parts of End of Time below.

End of Time was clearly the wrong name for this. It should have been called The Long Goodbye for obvious JUST DIE ALREADY reasons. This will likely be a highly unpopular opinion but the drawing out of the death was a little too much for me. Yes it was nice to get a LOOK WHAT THEY’RE DOING NOW sequence with all of Ten’s companions but on the whole I would have preferred the regeneration to take place right away.

BUT OH THE ANGST! I will miss you most of all. And “I don’t want to go”? Completely fitting. Ten seemed to be the one that was too attached to himself, too fond of his own cleverness, and I think that line was great, especially combined with the crazy moment where he had to choose to save Wilf or not and Wilf was all “shrug, okay, it’s fine if I die, I’m an old dog and all that, jolly good ride”. Thematically, it was a lovely bittersweet moment, and character-wise I think it was spot on.

More awesome Wilf-Doctor conversations, and lovely moments with the Master. I loled so hard when Ten was all strapped in and gagged, and then he called the Master beautiful and I was all JUST SNOG ALREADY. Lol.

Wilf, we did not see nearly enough of you, but you did get to be bad ass and shoot missiles with lasers like Chewy from Star Wars, so we’ll always have that. And Donna, you are still un-Donna and were terribly underused and WHY did we get the firey-brain bit if nothing came of it and it wasn’t important to the plot at all? UM WHUT? At least her fiance wasn’t aiding and abetting a space spider this time.


  • Martha/Mickey lolz. Somewhere a man named Tom is plotting the Doctor’s demise for introducing his fiancee to Mickey Smith, and I’m looking forward to that adventure. SMITH AND JONES INDEED. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, RTD. Their short clip of badassness together was pretty awesome, though.
  • JACK/ALONSO LULZ OMG. Jack is all “MY IANTO WHEREFOR ART THOU?” hardcore angsting, but the Doctor clearly cannot stand to be out-angsted. I hope this means we’ll see Alonso in the next season of Torchwood, ’cause that kid was kinda cool.
  • It was kind of awesome to see Joan in there. Obviously she meant more to him than he let on, and that’s the awesome fic-worthy part. Please note that he did not visit Renette during his montage.
  • Rose, in passing, and the bit about 2005 being a great year. Somewhere in Pete’s world Rose is figuring it out and smacking Handy around. FIC ME THIS PLZTHX.
  • Apparently that woman in the white suit haunting Wilf was supposed to be the Doctor’s mother? Who was the other woman? Romana maybe? Or something?
  • Douchey Time Lords FTW! On purpose genocide is way cooler, though it makes all his guilt a little stranger. As soon as he figured out they were coming back he was all ZOMG NOT ON and didn’t really hesitate. I struggle to understand how killing one person is easier than genocide for this character, but it is and that’s part of why he’s so interesting.
  • So far Eleven seems very Tenish but with bad hair (and even he thinks so, lol). And “geronimo” is light years less awesome than “allons-y”. Catchphrase fail, Moffat.

The plot overall was pretty lame, the Master Race and the pointless cactus people and Gallifrey rolling down upon Earth like the boulder in that Indiana Jones movie. And the goodbye was long and really broke the story for me. I would have preferred Ten regenerated in the plastic booth; I’m sure there are many ways These Are The Days of Your Life could have been inserted that didn’t involve all that time between being killed and actually dying. Almost everyone is bound to disagree with me on that, but BRING IT I WILL FIGHT YOU! :D

So begins the Moffat era. *crosses fingers*

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