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Linkspam: Feminism, Science & Usability

Even during crazy weeks when I’m up to my eyeballs in work, Fringe shows and social appointments, I still manage to read piles of stuff on the Internet. Here is a sampling of the most interesting things I’ve stumbled upon this week.

Feminism & Women


Science & Technology





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  2. Melissa says:


    I wrote the GF article. Referring to the last 3 lines of the article where I a) linked to the wikipedia page on non-apologies, b) linked to various dungeon sex slave cases, c) linked to real “monsters” that don’t match the psychopath archetype the comic references, and d) swore at the PA guys. Was that not enough to show I was more annoyed at that?

    • afterthree says:

      I read the article as being mostly about Classic Conditioning and associative learning, with the non apology apology mentioned at the end, but the thrust of your article seemed to be about the first comic and not the second. If I’ve misrepresented it, I apologize.