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About Me

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Who Am I: The Vital Stats

I am Rachelle Saunders, 27, and live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am a writer, a feminist and queer ally, a critic and lover of pop culture, an internet and social media enthusiast, and a massive fandom geek.

Also? My hair doesn’t look like that anymore. It changes often.


The Professional

I am an extremely tech-savvy twenty-something who has been an active user of the internet and participant in online forums, communities and networking sites since the tender age of thirteen, back when the internet was made up of only words and enthusiasm. To this day I have an insatiable passion for all things web-based. My personal and professional interests intersect on SEO, social media, user-created content, and how these tools can be leveraged in a world increasingly driven to and by online spaces.

My background is in web design, e-Commerce and business. I have been designing web pages almost as long as I’ve been online, and am proficient in HTML, XML and CSS.

I work at Redman Technologies as an SEO Consultant and Copywriter, and am also a trained theatrical stage manager and technician.


The Personal Touch

Introductions are tricky things; I’m never sure how to start or what to start with, and in sifting through all the impossible little details that make up who I am for the handful that might best be assembled into an accurate self-portrait, I almost inevitably fumble the ball in my infuriating desire to be clever. This nearly always leads to run-on sentences in which I am neither clever nor clear. I like to blame my sister for this, who has always been sharper, faster, and more witty than I, and who is the yardstick I have never quite been able to measure up to.

I have a jack-of-all-trades personality and a shockingly steep learning curve. I get bored and disinterested easily if not presented with new and challenging stimuli, which probably explains why my CV looks the way it does. I’m good at most everything in a way that infuriates other people, but rarely extremely good or gifted at anything in a way that infuriates me.

I live in an apartment that is too small to accommodate all my hobbies, own a needy cat, and drink a staggering amount of tea. I thrive on stress and because of it will procrastinate to a point that is truly terrifying. I like ticking clocks, crunching dried leaves, and cracking iced-over puddles.


The Blog(s)

I have been blogging online since 2002 in various places. I started out at Blogger, then migrated (and am still working on migrating) everything over to Livejournal in 2007. My Livejournal is mirrored on Dreamwidth, a service modelled on Livejournal’s open-source code but with a very different business model.

As it turns out, there is too much of me to contain in a single blog. Here I have collected all the posts I feel are of broader interest and weeded out much of the personal and fandom-related journaling. Much (if not all) of this content also appears on my Livejournal and you are welcome to consume it there, though be warned: you’ll also have to wade through piles of other more personal content likely of little interest.

internet + social media

I am interested in everything to do with online spaces, but you’ll find I’m particularly apt to discuss copyright, ownership, privacy, social media, pop culture, and fandom.

My current social media platform of choice by an overwhelming margin is twitter, and I can often be found broadcasting links of interest and lurking on the #yeg hashtag. I also maintain a delicious account for personal bookmarks and a Tumblr blog for sharing images and quotes.

politics + news

Like any good blogger, I occasionally have something to say about Canadian or US politics and current events at a local, national, and global level.

My politics are somewhat polarized: I fall far left on the spectrum when it comes to civil and social rights, but tend toward more conservative fiscal policies. I have voted for every major political party in Canada at one time or another for a variety of reasons, which tends to infuriate both my Liberal friends and my Conservative father.

lgbt + feminism

You are certain to discover me a feminist in all ways, and a vocal queer and lgbt rights supporter. Hateful and derogatory language will not be tolerated in the comments of any of my online spaces; I am apt to call out privilege when and where I see it, and encourage everyone to point out mine when I fumble (and I do).

I am unapologetically sex-positive, usually comfortable with my unusual hourglass figure, and regularly model nude for fine art classes at the University of Alberta.

pop culture + fandom

I am an unashamed fandom geek and fanfiction reader and writer. I enjoy literary criticism and occasionally review the things I read or watch, and fancy myself a bit of an amateur critic, which is terribly pretentious but also terribly fun.

Most of my fan- and fandom-related posts are located on Livejournal, but some of it is also cross-posted here, including a collection of informal tv and movie reviews.