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Thursday, May 17th, 2007

So, Oliver wasn’t so bad. Certainly better than Peter Pan last year. The kids didn’t annoy me so much that I felt I might march up on stage and start telling them off for being irritating. The show was less about the boy Oliver than I expected. And, once again I have discovered another very popular Barbershop song started out as a musical theatre piece. Barbershoppers have edited it heavily – they only left in the upbeat happy parts – but that’s Barbershop for you. You’re not allowed to be depressed unless it’s about a girl who done broke your heart or a man that died in a war somewhere. Otherwise, you must be chipper at all times.

The female lead had a hell of a voice, though. Blew the top of the Shocter a couple of times. And it was neat to see Tim again. He was the kid we got to play young Guido in Nine last year, and he played the Artful Dodger well. I had heard they were getting all the kids to move around those set pieces and at first I was pretty skeptical, remembering what it was like getting kids to reliably and quickly move props and set pieces in Beauty and the Beast, but they did pretty well with a lot of complicated moves. It was still a little slow in some parts, but there were a lot of pieces moving on and off and round and round, so they did quite well considering the complexity of the moves.

Neat break-apart set, though, with each chunk of the stairway an independent piece. It allowed them to create some pretty amazing sets with what amounted to stair-shaped building blocks. Well thought out and mostly well executed.

Who knew Oliver was such a tragedy… I certainly didn’t. I mean, Oliver gets his happy ending, but he’s about the only one.

Does anyone else agree with me that the seats in the Shocter are about the most uncomfortable things to sit on in the entire world? No padding on the backs. I had trouble making it through the first act. My back is killing me today. Next time I’m stashing a pillow in my purse.

To all of you who are camping this weekend: bring your rain-boots and some thick jackets! In true May Long Weekend fashion, it’s going to be cold and rainy. Have fun in tents being cold. Suckers.


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