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Fall 2010 TV: What I’m Planning to Watch

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

It’s getting close to that most exciting time of year when some of my favourite TV shows come out of hibernation for another season. In anticipatory celebration, I present a breakdown of the new shows I’m excited for, the returning shows I’m waiting for, and the ones I’m foot-tapping about.


New Shows I’m Gonna Check Out:

The Whole Truth: September 22
Courtroom drama, which is so close to a crime procedural that it’s probably no surprise to anyone it’s on my list. It sounds interesting in part because it seems to be focusing on both the defence and the prosecution rather than picking one side or the other. This “both sides” feel is one of the many things I loved about Boston Legal, and while this show is unlikely to rival that one for my affections I’m interested enough to watch the first couple of episodes.

Undercovers: September 22
Spy show from JJ Abrams that promises more awesome action-packed spy-win and less wacky Rambaldi nonsense. Also, the leads are a married couple which intrigues me: so many other action-centric shows feature and rely on sexual tension of star-crossed lovers, and the idea of one that centres around a couple that already is is fascinating to me.

No Ordinary Family: September 28
Family crashes into a mysterious lagoon and get super powers. The premise is promising, but this one will be all about the delivery.

Boardwalk Empire: September 19
Period drama from HBO set in the prohibition era. From Martin Scorsese. Yeah, I’m definitely gonna try this one on for size.


Returning Shows I’ll Be Watching:

Chuck: September 20
I devoured the first three seasons of this show over the summer and am eagerly anticipating the next season. I’ve heard there are currently only 13 episodes bought and paid for with the option for another 9, but I kinda hope it sticks with the 13 episode format. I find shorter seasons are usually tighter.

I’m a little leery about the ongoing angst of the Chuck/Sarah relationship. Their dance was great while it lasted, but I think that horse has been flogged well enough now, and rather than retreading that ground over and over (and over) again, I’d really like to see the show allow Chuck and Sarah to grow into their relationship and transition into a space where they are firmly together, yet still struggling with the day-to-day realities of being a couple. Relationship drama doesn’t need a constant breakup cycle to be interesting.

I’m also wondering how the show will change now that all the major characters know about Chuck’s involvement with the CIA. His secret keeping and lying was an integral part of the show, and while I’m sure there will still be secrets kept — because Chuck is an almost compulsive liar in some ways — I think this is going to be a hugely transitional year for Chuck in a lot of ways. We are in prime shark-jumping territory here.

Dexter: September 26
So apparently Julia Stiles will be in this season. Huh.

I really, really hope this season deals with Dexter dealing with Rita’s death well, especially since Rita’s memory cannot be so simply cast aside in this show given Dexter has been left with three young children to care for. I love that they had Dexter kill Arthur Mitchell before he discovered Rita, because it leaves him without an outlet for vengeance that might ease his guilt.

I hope for more awesome with Deb, and wow do I ever want her to be the primary external stressor for Dexter this year. The possibilities and multiple potential paths for her character if she discovers Dexter’s serial killing secret are all fascinating and I can’t yet pick which one I want more.

Criminal Minds: September 22
Obviously I’ll be watching Criminal Minds. I’m heartbroken AJ Cook is leaving and Paget Brewster only has 10 episodes this year however. All my wonderful, awesome women! Who will Garcia have to keep her sane in that pool of testosterone once JJ and Emily aren’t there? D:

Castle: September 20
Yeah, there’s no way I’m not gonna watch a show that is A) a crime procedural, which we all know I am incapable of resisting; and B) contains Nathan Fillion, Edmontonian, Joss-veteran and wisecracking wisecracker.

Bones: September 23
After last year’s epic moment between Booth and Bones where Bones has to admit out loud how broken she is and why she can’t allow herself to love Booth even though she very clearly does already, this show has killed me even more than it did before. I love this show for so many reasons despite that fact that sometimes it is full of fail and just a little bit awful. I love it because of the fantastic women it contains, I love it because — for once — the wrangler is the male while the eccentric genius is the woman. Not cold, not cruel: broken. She’s detached without being icy. How often do we get that with female characters?

And? The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is just too good to ignore.

NCIS: September 24
This is one of those shows I tend to watch in bursts. When everything is on a two or three week break, I tend to bulk download whatever episodes of NCIS have aired since the last time I watched it.

Merlin: September 12
Yeah, this one already started but I’ve yet to watch it. Like NCIS this is one of those shows I watch when I have time. I’m kind of meh about the whole thing overall, but it’s entertaining enough to keep up with when things are quiet.


Returning Shows I’ll Probably Watch But Are On Notice

How I Met Your Mother: September 20
Okay, last season was almost entirely disappointing. Remember all that character development that happened? Yeah, if we get some of that again this season I’ll hang on. But the thread is thin.

Barney is hilarious, often even when his character is static. But he’s so much more interesting when given a little bit of real meat to cling to around all that corn and sausage.

Also? A return of awesome Robin would be nice, too.

The Big Bang Theory: September 23
Sheldon is too hilarious for me to completely avoid this show, and almost everything about the friendship/stalemate between Sheldon and Penny is gold. Everything else about this one is completely forgettable, irksomely irritating, or completely maddening.

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Criminal Minds S05E18 Recap: Setting up a Spin Off

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

This post contains spoilers for Criminal Minds S05E18 “The Fight”.

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What Shows Are You Watching?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The idea is that we all watch different shows, even when we all watch the same ones. BtVS and Joss fan penny_lane_42 posted about the shows she’s watching, and got me thinking about the ones I watch.

When it looked like I was watching Gargoyles I was actually watching Blond, Bland Gentlemen Have More Fun Serving Amoral Megalomaniacs, and The Magnificent Seven was absolutely The Con Man with a Soft, Mushy Centre he Resents.

What appeared to be a book about a boy named Harry Potter was in fact The Baggage of Severus Snape and A Werewolf Tries Very Hard Not To Be Happy, For Everyone Else’s Sake. The last couple of books were also Dumbledore Plays Wizard Chess and You Are All His Pieces.

From the beginning, The West Wing was Lemon Lyman and his Quirkily Brilliant and Impervious Assistant Fall In Love with the occasional CJ Is Awesomer Than Pretty Much Everybody; Bitter, Angry, Sad Toby Tries to Save the World with Words; and Jed and Leo: It’s Good Friends Who Keep Us Sane spinoffs. The first two seasons are definitely Dialogue That Plays Like Music, and that show was the first one that made me realize dialogue can be just as flexible and brilliant and god-damn evocative as narration.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was primarily I Love Allegory and Metaphor Like You Cannot Even Believe and Important Stories in Dark Places. Season Two became A Librarian Was Not How I Thought I’d End Up, But Somewhere I Was Always Headed, while Season Three was The Mayor and Faith Need Each Other, and Are Good People Gone Astray, Really. Season Four was, to my surprise, mostly When Did Xander Become So God Damn Brilliant, and Why Didn’t I Notice Until Now?. Season Five was definitely My Sister is More Important than the World Entire, and That Is Just Fact so Live With It, and Season Six I watched Buffy Learns to Feel Again after getting Really Good at Not. In the end, it turned out I was also watching A Girl Who Forgets How To Be a Girl Because she Has To Be a Man the whole time.

When I watched Doctor Who with David Tennant I was watching The Loneliest Man in the Universe Searches for Distraction That Usually Makes it Worse. When Season Four started it absolutely became Donna is Awesome and the Doctor Needs Her More Than Anyone Else in the Universe. I also admit to watching the Unashamed Sci Fi Crack is Cracktastic Win show on a regular basis and loving it the most.

Torchwood was mostly Torchwood Makes Everything Worse, But In a Good and Often Hilarious Way but also sometimes Sex and Love and All the Awkward, Strange, Niggly Spaces In Between Make Us Human. CoE was, by and large, Gwen Finds Her Awesome.

I watch Criminal Minds for Garcia Is My Hero In All Ways, but also for Women, Even When They’re Victims, Are Not Just Victims and Playing With Gender Roles and Identities in Smart Ways.

Dollhouse started out as Victor and Sierra and Nothing Else Matters, but then suddenly and wonderfully became Topher Doesn’t Want to Hurt Anyone Else But Can’t Help It Because That’s Who He Is.

There are others, of course. I could go on forever, but these are the ones that leap immediately to mind. What shows within shows have you watched? What tinted glasses do you wear when you watch or listen or read the stories you do? I’m intrigued by this discussion and by discovering other people’s points of view.

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Doctor Who, End of Time, Part Two

Friday, January 1st, 2010

I have just finished watching David Tennant’s very last Doctor Who episode. Spoilers for both parts of End of Time below.

End of Time was clearly the wrong name for this. It should have been called The Long Goodbye for obvious JUST DIE ALREADY reasons. This will likely be a highly unpopular opinion but the drawing out of the death was a little too much for me. Yes it was nice to get a LOOK WHAT THEY’RE DOING NOW sequence with all of Ten’s companions but on the whole I would have preferred the regeneration to take place right away.

BUT OH THE ANGST! I will miss you most of all. And “I don’t want to go”? Completely fitting. Ten seemed to be the one that was too attached to himself, too fond of his own cleverness, and I think that line was great, especially combined with the crazy moment where he had to choose to save Wilf or not and Wilf was all “shrug, okay, it’s fine if I die, I’m an old dog and all that, jolly good ride”. Thematically, it was a lovely bittersweet moment, and character-wise I think it was spot on.

More awesome Wilf-Doctor conversations, and lovely moments with the Master. I loled so hard when Ten was all strapped in and gagged, and then he called the Master beautiful and I was all JUST SNOG ALREADY. Lol.

Wilf, we did not see nearly enough of you, but you did get to be bad ass and shoot missiles with lasers like Chewy from Star Wars, so we’ll always have that. And Donna, you are still un-Donna and were terribly underused and WHY did we get the firey-brain bit if nothing came of it and it wasn’t important to the plot at all? UM WHUT? At least her fiance wasn’t aiding and abetting a space spider this time.


  • Martha/Mickey lolz. Somewhere a man named Tom is plotting the Doctor’s demise for introducing his fiancee to Mickey Smith, and I’m looking forward to that adventure. SMITH AND JONES INDEED. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, RTD. Their short clip of badassness together was pretty awesome, though.
  • JACK/ALONSO LULZ OMG. Jack is all “MY IANTO WHEREFOR ART THOU?” hardcore angsting, but the Doctor clearly cannot stand to be out-angsted. I hope this means we’ll see Alonso in the next season of Torchwood, ’cause that kid was kinda cool.
  • It was kind of awesome to see Joan in there. Obviously she meant more to him than he let on, and that’s the awesome fic-worthy part. Please note that he did not visit Renette during his montage.
  • Rose, in passing, and the bit about 2005 being a great year. Somewhere in Pete’s world Rose is figuring it out and smacking Handy around. FIC ME THIS PLZTHX.
  • Apparently that woman in the white suit haunting Wilf was supposed to be the Doctor’s mother? Who was the other woman? Romana maybe? Or something?
  • Douchey Time Lords FTW! On purpose genocide is way cooler, though it makes all his guilt a little stranger. As soon as he figured out they were coming back he was all ZOMG NOT ON and didn’t really hesitate. I struggle to understand how killing one person is easier than genocide for this character, but it is and that’s part of why he’s so interesting.
  • So far Eleven seems very Tenish but with bad hair (and even he thinks so, lol). And “geronimo” is light years less awesome than “allons-y”. Catchphrase fail, Moffat.

The plot overall was pretty lame, the Master Race and the pointless cactus people and Gallifrey rolling down upon Earth like the boulder in that Indiana Jones movie. And the goodbye was long and really broke the story for me. I would have preferred Ten regenerated in the plastic booth; I’m sure there are many ways These Are The Days of Your Life could have been inserted that didn’t involve all that time between being killed and actually dying. Almost everyone is bound to disagree with me on that, but BRING IT I WILL FIGHT YOU! :D

So begins the Moffat era. *crosses fingers*

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Doctor Who End of Time Reaction Post!

Friday, December 25th, 2009

I have only fifteen minutes so this is going to probably be a whirlwind of bullet points based on notes I took while watching. I have very little thoughtful commentary at this point because I have to let the whole thing steep a bit.

  • Seriously, I ♥ Wilf. I did before he became an official companion and I will continue to. The dynamic of the Doctor and an older male companion is complete win.
  • I did not know whether to roll my eyes or lol heartily at the image of the TARDIS in the church stain glass window. It is possible I did both simultaneously. Also, LOL @ “the sainted physician”.
  • “The king is in his counting house…” Why/how do nursery rhymes always manage to give things +10 creepy points? Because they do.
  • Obviously the Secret Book of Saxon is a hilarious plot device and should be mocked at every opportunity.
  • I thought for a minute they were going to actually use Lucy’s body and morph him out of her, which would explain the blond hair. I’m pretty glad they went elsewhere, though Lifeforce Sucking Master is probably equally as ridiculous as LucyMaster. Lucy continues to be badass I guess, but I kinda miss her crazy. Her crazy was part of her win.
  • OMG DANCING WILF! AND HIS DOCTOR-FINDING ARMY! GO GO SILVER CLOAK! I love this show so, so much. “Modern sort of hair, all sticky upy.” I WILL MISS THAT HAIR SO  MUCH. D:
  • So we have a super-jumpy-lighting-spraying-skeletor-super Master. THIS SHOW, IT IS SO MUCH WONDERFUL CRACK.
  • The conversation in the cafe just… wow. I love this show. Did I say that already? I love it. “Even if I change it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away. And I’m dead.”  Also: “Like she’s so sad and can’t remember why.” DONNNNNNNA! Be your awesome badass self forever and ever. OMG DOCTOR TEARS! D: D: YES, YOU DO NEED DONNA YOU STUPID DOCTOR! GOOD OLD DONNA! LISTEN TO WILF YOU CRAZY STUPID TIME LORD!! I could probably provide you with a full transcript of the cafe scene, but that seems like overkill. Suffice it to say I will be watching that bit several times more.
  • This narrator is driving me a bit batshit, and while I was watching it I correctly predicted what was up there.
  • “I had estates.”  With red pastures.  and   are you both listening and taking notes on this because this is like a gift from the crack gods. “We used to run across those fields all day”. Oh RTD, you ship Doctor/Master SO HARD and you don’t even try to hide it. :D
  • “I thought it’d be cleaner.” LOL. Have I mentioned how much I ♥ Wilf yet? I think I have. I should say it again. I ♥ Wilf.
  • Intrigued and overly helpful Master is probably not a good sign, people. DON’T YOU KNOW THIS?
  • What is the point of the cactus aliens other than an excuse to have the Doctor use the word “shimmer” as many times as possible in one minute? I believe that might have been the only point.
  • OMG THE DOCTOR CALLED THE MASTER SKELETOR! MY LIFE IT IS COMPLETE. It’s like a Christmas present from RTD just for me.
  • The not!Obama cameo was kind of strange.
  • A planet of Masters. Many of them wearing dresses. Oh. My. God. The entire planet is laughing. The other planets are like WHUT IS SO FUNNY SHUT UP EARTH.
  • Aaaaaand no one is surprised to see the Time Lords and Gallifrey will be back/are back. This is my not-shocked face. I’m actually kind of okay with it, mostly because I think there’s only so much I AM THE LAST angst one show can do before it’s all old hat, and I don’t think Moffatt will do it as well as RTD. But I guess we’ll see how it goes.

That was a lot of caps.

In general, I think there was probably too much going on, but I don’t have time to talk more about that because Christmas Continues and I have dinner to eat and family to hang with, so I must leave you with just lots of all caps and leave thoughtfulness for later.

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